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Welcome to the organization of the Arcane Mystics. Here we offer fair gaming, good sportsmanship, and a place for fellowship. We have very simple rules and regulations. They are as follows...

1.) No quitting a game unless the game has been approved to be restarted. Never are you to quit a game unless the other persons in the game agree to a restart.

2.) No affiliations with any other organizations. This will eliminate all aspects of the spying problems all orders may have. We strongly urge this, not only to make our presence more felt on WON, but to keep our order up and running the best we can.

3.) No breaking mark or rules of engagement. This is to eliminate all the foul, dishonorable, and unfair players out there. The player that is head of the game is the captain...You must abide by all his/her rules. We want to be an organization who if welcomed by all for good gaming.

4.) No self appointed recruiting. If you have a new recruit you would like to have join the Årcane Mystics, then you may sponsor him. But you are not allowed to do a full recruit of this matter. If you do have a sponser. Please notify one of the councils to have evaluations set up ASAP.

5.) No Changing Ranks without a councils approval. This is to make our organization better to understand all our rankings. The 2 council members have been playing this game for a long time and have seen everything there is to see. If you would like to change your ranking please notify a council member and an evaluation will be set up ASAP. Evaluations may only be done 2 times a month.

6.) If you are going to play a novice, try to teach him and help him along with the game. When you started out as a novie, you didn't know everything so give them a hand. Let's show people that we are a clan of helpfulness not war!

If for any reason one of these rules have been broken, you shall receive a warning. The second time it happens, you will be dismissed from the Årcane Mýstics!


Our current councilors and founders are as follows...


Email Addy






If you have any questions or things that should be brought up in a meeting. Don't hesitate to write one of us.

Our ranking scale is as follows....



Apprentice Mage

Higher Novice


Lower Intermediate

High Mage



Higher Intermediate

Lesser Conjurer

Lower Advanced


Low Advanced

Great Conjurer



High Advanced

Arcane Mystic

Higher Advanced


Low Guru




Again these rankings are assigned to you in the 2 Evals you have been part of. If you feel there is a problem with the evaluation of your rank. Please have another Eval set up ASAP. Remember only 2 Evaluations per month. Thank you for your interest in the ÅM's and we hope you enjoy your stay! ¤Ätma¤Årcane